Friday, April 10, 2009

Hey hey! So I've(Amaserak) been away for like a week on vacations, so I haven't been able to be on SL so not been very productive. Well when I got back I needed something to get me back in the swing of building so I decided on the project of making some Japanese screens and they came out far prettier than I had hoped, and as with everything I'm keeping them cheep just 25L$. So come check them out, they add a little old world japan to any modern setting without looking entirely out of place. There are a total of 10, and depending on how well they're received there could be more to come. Dun Dunn Dunnnn! Either way I hope you like them and enjoy!~

You can find them at the store in world, or on SLX just look for "Amaserak Fall"

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